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Les Yeux du Harfang
  • Les Yeux du Harfang

Les Yeux du Harfang

Grégory Pol

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Canvas only:

74,17 €

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ART FABRIQ: A frame, several paintings.

The canvas can not be used without frame. Once in possession of a frame, you will be able to choose all the paintings corresponding to the format of this one.

Presentation of the artist

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Grégory Pol

Grégory POL est un photographe voyageur sensible.
Navigateur et plongeur, il est à chaque fois saisi par la beauté de la nature et la richesse de sa biodiversité pourtant menacée.
Ses photographies se veulent engagées, capturant avec talent la vie des animaux dont il faut à tout prix assurer la protection. Fasciné par la nature sauvage dont la beauté n'est révélée qu'à ceux qui prennent le risque de vouloir l'admirer, Grégory POL réalise des clichés à la vitalité désarmante. Grâce au travail du marin, le spectateur est amené à croiser le regard d'animaux sauvages, emblèmes d'une terre sauvage mais à l'agonie, porteuse d'une diversité animalière incroyable et magnifique. Son travail est une véritable ode à la nature, à la vie et à la liberté.

The format chosen is the artwork format. If you choose a 60x90cm format, the wooden frame will measure 68x98cm.

To be able to use a canvas you need a frame.

Our fine-art prints are the fruit of many years of printing know-how. We use dye-sublimation on 210g/m2 polyester textile, to reach the perfect finish. Each print is submitted to the artist so they can endorse the quality.

We have passed various certifications to guarantee an eco-responsible approach : A+, no VOC release, Imprim’Vert, activities with low impact on the environment. 

Our silicon band finishing enables you to change the artwork as many times as you like.

Each model is delivered with an authenticity certificate to ensure our limited edition policy.

Once your order placed the parcels will be shipped in 14 days in Europe (30 days out of Europe). Once your parcel taken care of by our delivery service you will receive an email with a phone number so you can set an appointment.

We take special care to wrap our products, so if any damage should show please notify the problem on the delivery note before opening the parcel. If you do not, the shipper can claim his unaccountability and we won’t be able to reimburse you.

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