FAQ Artiste

How to open your gallery

Joining us is very simple. You will find the "Artist Page" below with a form to fill in and submit to us.  It will enable us to discover your work.

We will examine your application within the next 24 hours and contact you to discuss our future collaboration. 

You will receive your access codes in your personal page. You will then be able to set up your gallery.

After uploading 9 artworks, you will receive test prints for each of them. It is important to us that the finishings match your expectations. If any print should not conform you can remove the artwork from your gallery.


You can put up to 30 different pieces online at the same time. You will determine the amount of money you want to receive after all the prints are sold, and the number of copies you want to sell. Each artwork is delivered with a certificate of authenticity and a serial number.


For each art piece you will determine the amount of money you want to earn once all copies are sold, and the number of copies you want to sell (4 options will be suggested).

The commission you will receive per sale will depend on the size chosen by the client. The smaller the lower and vice versa.

You will be guided by a plug-in we have set up.

Once you have chosen these options you will not be able to modify them.

If I sell via ART FABRIQ am I still the owner of the intellectual property ?

Yes of course. You only give us the right to reproduce your artwork. We ask for no exclusive rights. You can sell the same artwork elsewhere.

How do I get payed ? How frequently ?

At the end of each month, we will send you a summary of the orders concerning your artwork (you can track this information on your personal page). Next, you send us an invoice based on the summary. We will process a bank transfer within 30 days at the latest.

Is there a tool to promote current events ?

Yes. We are happy to promote upcoming events concerning our artists.

What format is used to send files ?

We have provided you with an explanatory sheet for Photoshop and Lightroom. You will find it on the same page as the file upload. If any file was not be processed correctly, you will receive an email explaining the problem.

Are the prints numbered ? Do you provide a certificate of authenticity?

Each print is sent with a certificate of authenticity. This shows the numbering and the description of the artwork you provided.

I have another question before submitting my work to ART FABRIQ

No problem, contact us at artiste@artfabriq.com. We will answer you shortly.