ART FABRIQ : a unique concept

ART FABRIQ is the union of an artist's creativity and our first-class printing expertise, both combined in unique frames.

Unique frames

Designed for your interior, ART FABRIQ frames improve a room following new trends to suit your every mood. Our perfectly finished frames and high-end quality printing on the textile of your choice, achieve a final finish that will fit in beautifully with your interior. With our frames design and partitions, you can change the artwork as many times as you like. Imagine could change your interior design in next to no time.

From a black and white photo to a colourful pop culture artwork, no need to choose, just swap!

A printed canvas

Our fine-art prints are the fruit of many years of printing know-how. We use dye-sublimation on polyester textile, to reach the perfect finish. Each print is submitted to the artist so they can endorse the quality.

A rich community of artists

The priority of our artistic department is to arouse your curiosity, trigger new interests and find new talents. Providing everyone the opportunity of finding the artwork they like. We are continuously looking for new artists : illustrators, photographers, painters,…

Grand Format canvasses

Artwork has to take up the space it deserves. That is why we offer non-standard formats. Our expertise enables us to print up to 3 metres wide without losing any quality. 

Your desires must not have limits!

Know-how made in France

Everything is produced in France.

Prints and finishings are made in our workshop in France. Our expertise is well-known and proven in the event industry. Today we chose to use this know-how to provide access to original Art.

Our patented frame was built in close collaboration with a French specialist in wood-machining.

An eco-responsible approach

Dye-sublimation printing guarantees an unpolluted product without any harmful emanations. We have passed various certifications to guarantee this approach : A+, no VOC release, Imprim’Vert, activities with low impact on the environment. Our frames are made out of PEFC wood, for the sustainable management of our forests.

We are proud to offer a product which combines aesthetics and a strict environmental policy.


Secure payment

The payment can be made securely by credit or debit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

For secure payments, ART FABRIQ has chosen the Caisse d’Epargne. All online transactions are safe.

We also know that our clients appreciate Paypal payment, because of the protection it guarantees. That is why we have decided to enable the option.

Satisfaction guaranteed

ART FABRIQ’s main concern is that its prints are accurate reproductions of the original artwork.

Satisfaction relies first of all on whether the artist is satisfied. All prints are submitted to the artist before we put the artworks online for sale. If any print should not suit their expectations they can delete the visual from their personal page.

We also pay specific attention to our clients’ satisfaction. Clients have 14 days to return the goods if they are not satisfied with the quality or if they are disappointed in the result in their interior.

We ship all over the world

We guarantee delivery in 256 pays.

Each delivery can be tracked. The transporter will send you an email with their phone number to schedule the date and time of the delivery. Be aware of the size of the frame if you schedule a delivery to your work place.