Our frames

Wooden frame

Our self-designed frames, with refined lines and minimalist angles, enable our printed reproductions to fit beautifully !

Simple and elegant, our frames are the result of solid wood finger-jointing. This technique allows us to use every single scrap wood, recycling at its best.

This explains certain irregularities that are not considered as defects but are the result of the process.


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Aluminium frame

Completely invisible, the aluminium frame fits easily in any home . Modern and easily mounted the Artwork takes up the space it deserves. With this frames design you can change the artwork as many times as you like.

Measurements :

Thickness of the frame : 60x60cm, 90x60cm and 90x90cm frames are 16mm thick
For all other formats : 40mm thick.

Aluminium framesEncadrements

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Aluminium frames


Our easily mounted partitions are perfect to reorganise, limit, or even reinvent spaces. They will give your room another dynamic.

Our 4 different formats adapt to every space. You can divide one room into two totally different ones by giving each side a completely different look.

Artfabriq : divide but not isolate, with style.

Our refined base design, insures the stability of your installation, subtly embellishing it.

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